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Vote YES on Amendment 3

The FHBPA urges all Florida horsemen to vote Yes on Amendment 3 to the Florida Constitution which is on the November ballot.
Amendment 3 prohibits any future expansion of casino gaming in the State by legislators and reserves any such expansion to a vote of the people of the entire State.
A Yes vote on Amendment 3 will help eliminate the threat of thoroughbred decoupling in Florida.
Legislative gaming bills supported by the casinos in recent years have included decoupling of thoroughbreds which minimizes or eliminates racing opportunities.
Don’t be fooled by gaming officials in horsemen’s clothing who claim Amendment 3 is bad for the Florida thoroughbred industry – it is not.
Amendment 3 has nothing to do with education funding – again, don’t be fooled.
Amendment 3 protects the status quo and takes the expansion of casino gaming out of the hands of lobbyists and legislators in Tallahassee. This is very good for South Florida horsemen.