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‘Team Cone’ and Goldring Gulf Distributing donate to Franklin County students

Two beverage distribution companies with offices in the Florida Panhandle are joining forces to help struggling families with school supplies.

The companies, Cone Distributing, sometimes referred to as ‘Team Cone’, and Goldring Gulf Distributing LLC, contributed a combined $20K to ensure Franklin County students have school supplies.

Cone was the first of the two companies to decide on a donation to the cause. They did this after learning nearly 400 public school students would be returning to their K-12 classes without the supplies they need.

Doug Cone, Founder of Team Cone, said about the contribution:

“Hurricane Michael devastated so many of the communities and families we serve less than one year ago. 

“While many families are still rebuilding their homes and businesses, we wanted to do what we could to ensure their future is bright. 

“We wanted to close the gap and make sure that every student starts the year off right, and that requires the necessary tools to get the job done.” 

After learning of Cone’s generosity, Goldring Gulf Distributing decided to join into the spirit of giving.

“We know all too well what our neighbors in the Panhandle are going through after Hurricane Michael, “ said Elliot Maisel, Chairman and CEO of Gulf Distributing Holdings, LLC. 

“Cone Distributing’s commitment to their community inspired us, and we felt compelled to offer our support.”

According to a news release, the school supplies were distributed Thursday, August 8, at a back-to-school event at Franklin County School, where the companies were joined by community leaders, Sheriff A.J. Smith and FL Rep. Jason Shoaf.

Other local businesses and the district had already donated some supplies to the cause, but not enough to cover all the students in need, which is why Cone and Goldring Gulf Distributing jumped in to fill the gap. 

It’s estimated American families spend almost $700 each year on school supplies and school readiness items during back-to-school shopping.  

Goldring Gulf Distributing is based in Milton, Florida while Team Cone has offices in Tallahassee and Ocala.

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