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Lauren Book responds to Jeffrey Epstein suicide

Pedophile and muliti-millionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead in his cell after an apparent suicide, FL Sen. Lauren Book responds.

Epstein’s notorious reputation precedes him in death. 

The dodgy New York financier was recently indicted on charges stemming from a federal sex trafficking investigation and resided in a Manhattan prison cell, where his body was found on Saturday morning. He has been accused of harming girls as young as 14, as well as trafficking them from a Florida high school.   

In fact, Epstein has been accused of the trafficking and rape of dozens of young women and girls over the years. Even as a convicted pedophile he managed to evade the most serious penalties, until recently. 


In 2008, then U.S. Attorney in Miami, Alex Acosta, offered Epstein a controversial and secret plea deal that resulted in only a short prison stint for his crimes. Acosta, who had since been appointed Labor Secretary by Donald Trump, resigned from that post in July when the news came out of his dealings with Epstein.

Today, State Sen. Book released a statement after learning the news of his death:

“In life and in death, Jeffrey Epstein did everything he could to escape accountability and silence survivors. And he didn’t do it alone. All the money in the world can’t erase the truth. 

“While some answers died with Jeffrey Epstein, there are still questions to be asked and individuals to be held accountable. 

“So for those who assisted Epstein and for those who took part in his sick criminal acts, we shall pursue justice every single day until every last criminal has been caught — justice will not be denied. 

“I stand ready to assist the Governor and FDLE in uncovering the truth here in Florida. The brave women who came forward to confront the man who preyed upon them as girls will not get their day in court – but their courage made a difference and their voices matter.”

It’s unclear who, if anyone, the FDLE will ping in an effort to investigate Epstein’s Florida crimes.

Epstein kept a number of high-profile acquaintances including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Trump, himself. 

It’s widely reported that Trump and Epstein had a falling out over failed business dealings years ago that ended their friendship. 

They also allegedly “partied together” at Mar-a-Lago resort, at least once. The New York Times reported the attendees’ list included only 28 young women along with Trump and Epstein.

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