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Sixteen Nominated For Five Board Openings

The FHBPA held its annual end of the year Board nominations and General Membership meeting dinner on 12/13 in the Ten Palms Restaurant at Gulfstream Park. Approximately 100 attendees enjoyed great food, drink, and conversation making it a fun and sociable evening for all. FHBPA Executive Director Glen Berman and President Steve Screnci provided an update on the current happenings in our racing world.

There was no shortage of nominees from the floor looking ahead to the Board elections in March. Election Chairman Adam Lazarus along with Board member Chuck Simon, handled the floor nomination process. There are 2 openings for owners, 2 openings for trainers, and an at large seat up for grabs.
Trainers and ownes nominated at the meeting, who are subject to certification and approval by the nomination/election committee were:
Trainers: Armando De la Cerda, Marcus Vitali, Jena Antonucci, Carlo Vaccarezza, David Fawkes, Natalie Fawkes, Patrick Biancone, Larry Pilotti, Monica McGoey, Victor Falzone and Victor Barboza
Owners: Herb Oster, Tom Cannell, Greg Nikolopoulos, Kim Boocher, Nick Vaccarezza
Ballots for the 2019 election will be sent out in February.