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Ron DeSantis continues to enjoy broad support in Florida, new poll shows

A majority of Floridians approve of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ job performance so far, according to a statewide St. Pete Polls survey released Monday.

Of those surveyed, 58 percent indicated a favorable opinion of DeSantis, while only 30 percent had an unfavorable view.

The results are interesting considering Floridians surveyed in the same poll had a slightly unfavorable opinion of President Donald Trump. Both are Republicans, which indicates Trump’s support is not solely based on partisanship.

DeSantis’ job performance approval rating is not surprisingly highest among Republicans with 81 percent supporting his work so far and only 12 percent disapproving. Among Democrats polled, 49 percent did not approve of DeSantis’ job performance while 36 percent did.

DeSantis’ approval was also highest among white Floridians with 64 percent supporting his job performance and 26 percent disapproving. Hispanic voters also had a high opinion of DeSantis with 56 percent supporting his work and 34 percent disapproving.

The poll showed the lowest support for DeSantis among black voters. In that demographic, 49 percent said they did not approve of the Governor’s job performance while only 32 percent approved.

The St. Pete Polls survey also asked voters if they would support a state constitutional amendment that would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour with a $1 an hour raise each year. Fifty-eight percent said they approved the move while 30 percent disapproved.

Support for the minimum wage amendment was highest among Democrats, with more than 75 percent supporting it. A majority of Republicans also supported increasing the minimum wage with 51 percent indicating support.

Minority voters showed the highest support for raising the minimum wage among all racial demographics. Black voters indicated 76 percent support while Hispanic voters favored a minimum wage hike by 68 percent.

Support among men and women was close with 63 percent of men supporting the amendment and 65 percent of women supporting it.

The poll also asked respondents if they supported moving the state’s capital from Tallahassee to a more central location in the state. More than 54 percent said no, while only 33 percent said they would support moving the capital. Of those surveyed, 13 percent weren’t sure.

The survey was conducted Aug. 21-22 among 1,941 registered voters statewide and had a 2.2 percent margin of error. The poll was conducted among 747 Democrats and 746 Republicans. The remaining 448 voters were independent. 

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