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Rick Scott calls Jeffrey Epstein a ‘coward’ in the wake of his suicide

Jeffrey Epstein is dead of an apparent suicide, Sen. Rick Scott responds to the news.

The New York pedophile and financier was residing in a Manhattan prison cell after being indicted on federal charges of sex trafficking. His alleged criminal actions took place in Florida and New York.

Just one day after new information about his case was unsealed in court, it appears he has taken his own life.

Earlier, we reported State Sen. Lauren Book responded to the news of Epstein’s hanging death.

Now, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott is also weighing in with contempt for the evasive criminal who alluded severe punishment for many years, and now will never be brought to justice in a court of law for the federal crime of sex trafficking.

Sen. Scott said, “The victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s heinous actions deserved an opportunity for justice. Today, that opportunity was denied to them. 

“The Federal Bureau of Prisons must provide answers on what systemic failures of the MCC Manhattan or criminal acts allowed this coward to deny justice to his victims.”

Twitter has no love lost for Epstein, who was a convicted pedophile that stood accused of dozens of sex trafficking crimes. With many high-profile connections, conspiracy theories over is Epstein’s death, which has been called suicide by inside sources, are rampant.

No matter, Epstein’s death means it will be harder for his victims to seek justice. 

Since many of his alleged victims were young women and teenage girls in Florida, the news of his untimely death is a hard-to-swallow pill for justice seekers, including Florida politicians Book and Scott.

Epstein was arrested in July after a federal investigation revealed evidence of sex trafficking, and had tried to commit suicide by hanging in his cell just about a month ago. As a result, he was on suicide watch at the time of his completed suicide this morning.

A number of questions remain unanswered in the wake of his death, and MCC Manhattan will need to provide answers for some of them. 

However, Epstein didn’t do it all alone. Hopefully, justice for the victims of his crimes is salvageable, but only time will tell.

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