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No Decoupling –It's Even More Important Than Passing the Seminole Compact, Sunshine State News Says

It makes no sense that a governor and lawmakers who are justifiably proud of the Enterprise Florida/Department of Economic Opportunity programs that brought thousands of jobs to Florida in the last five years would think it's OK to throw away a vast, venerable and valuable industry like horse breeding, training and competition. Decoupling has a greater significance to the Sunshine State than finalizing the Seminole gaming compact, Publisher Nancy Butler Smith wrote in her column today, January 11, 2016, entitled “‘Decoupling’ Is Crazy: Why Subtract from Florida’s Economic Gains?”
“It’s not a one-dimensional issue and it requires lawmakers to look deeper, take a longer view, appreciate horse breeding and horse farms as one of the state’s treasured legacies,” she added, describing the years as a young mother living next to Florida’s famed Payson Park, where she would take her son to meet all the Thoroughbred stars like Hall of Fame trainer Shug McGaughey.
“It’s hard to think about a century-old industry as quietly beautiful as this one, that represents generations of rural Floridians’ dedication, that preserves agricultural land, that pumps so much into the state economy and keeps Florida in a competitive posture across the country . . . it’s hard to think that in 2016 it all could be wiped away with legislative carelessness and a stroke of the governor’s pen.”
Smith concluded her editorial, saying “I’m hoping Gov. Scott will think about this as he welcomes new businesses into the state.  It’s good what he’s doing to create jobs.  But by urging against decoupling, he can do a great deal more. It’s no exaggeration to say he can save tens of thousands of established jobs and a Florida way of life unlike any other — from what I’ve seen, second to none.”
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