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Latest on the legislative staffing merry-go-round

With a tip of the hat to LobbyTools, here are the latest movements — both on and off — the legislative merry-go-round.

On: Governor’s office budget director Cynthia Kelly has announced her retirement.

On: Michelle Milligan is committee administrative assistant for the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment, and General Government.

On and off: Jeffrey Scala is out as a legislative assistant and Angel Gonzalez is in as district secretary to Plantation Democratic Sen. Lauren Book.

Off: Travaris McCurdy is no longer legislative assistant to Orlando Democratic Sen. Randolph Bracy.

On: John Learn is district secretary for Tampa Democratic Sen. Janet Cruz.

Off: Daniela Fernandez is no longer legislative assistant to Miami Democratic Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez.

Off and on: Valentina Guerrero is a new legislative assistant and Luis Callejas is no longer legislative assistant to Miami Democratic Sen. Annette Taddeo.

Off: Will Rodriguez is no longer a senior advisor in the House Speaker’s office.

Off: Marisol Samayoa is no longer the communications director in the House Minority Leader’s office.

Off: Tony Lloyd is no longer budget chief for the House Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

On: Kirsten D’Souza became a legislative research assistant to the House Education Committee.

On: Frank Moehrle became an attorney to the Oversight, Transparency & Public Management Subcommittee.

Off and on: Alexandra Moore is in and Kimberly Shugar is out as Policy Chief for the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee. Moore was formerly an attorney for the House Oversight, Transparency & Public Management Subcommittee.

On: Lisa White is a new district secretary in Neptune Beach Republican Rep. Cord Byrd‘s office.

On: Stephanie Desir-Jean became district secretary for Coral Springs Democratic Rep. Dan Daley.

On: Joelise Tillman-Josey became legislative assistant to Jacksonville Democratic Rep. Kimberly Daniels.

On: Eric Schau became district secretary for Cape Coral Republican Rep. Dane Eagle.

Off: Vance Coley is no longer legislative assistant for DeLand Republican Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff.

Off and on: Justin Gendler is out and Brittany Sullivan is in as district secretary to Davie Democratic Rep. Mike Gottlieb.

On: Jim Orchard is district secretary to Tampa Republican Rep. James Grant.

Off and on: Gianfranco Puppio is no longer legislative assistant and Jordan Corona replaced Kavanjote Birdi as district secretary to Miami Beach Democratic Rep. Michael Grieco.

Off and on: Kayla vanWieringen is out as a legislative assistant and Santia Calixte is in as district secretary in North Miami Democratic Rep. Dotie Joseph‘s office. Also, Nephtalie Jacques is out as Joseph’s district secretary and Kersti Myles is in as a legislative assistant.

Off and on: Vicky Summerhill is out as a legislative assistant, and Alexander Alt is in as district secretary, in Hudson Republican Rep. Amber Mariano‘s office.

Off: Bradley Wildman is no longer executive secretary for Ocala Republican Rep. Stan McClain.

Off: Marcello Fischer is no longer district secretary for Orlando Democratic Rep. Amy Mercado.

On: Connor Mortell is district secretary to Palm City Republican Rep. Toby Overdorf.

Off and on: Connie Mullis is no longer senior executive secretary and Sheri Kotzum replaced Kristie Johnson as district secretary to Destin Republican Rep. Mel Ponder.

Off: Frances Whidden is no longer district secretary to Estero Republican Rep. Ray Rodrigues.

Off: Rochelle Rego is no longer district secretary to Merritt Island Republican Rep. Tyler Sirois.

On: Kia Cuttino is district secretary to Windemere Democratic Rep. Geraldine Thompson.

Off: Sarah Green is no longer legislative assistant for Pace Republican Rep. Jayer Williamson.

Off and on: David Allen moved from district secretary to legislative assistant and Jennifer Contreras moved from legislative assistant to district secretary, in Jacksonville Republican Rep. Clay Yarborough‘s office.

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