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John Trevena lawsuits paint troubling picture for high-profile Michael Drejka attorney

John Trevena’s life is a hot mess.

A lawsuit filed earlier this month is the latest in a series of legal disputes involving Trevena highlighting a pattern of associations with cases involving drug use and domestic violence. 

Trevena is the lawyer representing Michael Drejka in his defense stemming from the July 2018 shooting death of Markeis McGlockton that reignited debate over Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law. Drejka shot and killed McGlockton after a dispute at a Clearwater convenience story over a parking space.

In his latest lawsuit, Trevena is suing his former client, Celena Westfall, for defamation, claiming she plans to falsely out him as a drug user.

According to the lawsuit, Trevena befriended the woman and took on various defense cases for her against charges ranging from DUI to possession of hydromorphone. 

Earlier this year, Westfall asked Trevena for help finding a job, which he obliged by saying he might consider hiring her. According to the lawsuit, Westfall was happy for a job prospect that didn’t include working in a strip club.

However, Trevena rescinded his offer after an altercation at his penthouse condo in which Westfall allegedly tried to climb over the railing of the 19th-floor balcony shouting she wanted to kill herself. She then reportedly overdosed and Trevena traveled with her to a hospital after calling 911. 

Trevena claims Westfall fired him as her attorney after he reneged on his job offer and hired another attorney. He says Westfall wants a $500,000 settlement and if she doesn’t get it has allegedly said she is “willing to smear Trevena.”

Trevena also claims she plans to falsely accuse him of buying hydromorphone Dilaudid pills, a prescription opioid, and snorting them. 

But this is by far not the first time Trevena has been personally involved in court action. 

Trevena’s wife, Meredith Trevena, sued him for divorce in December. In that suit, she claimed he left her penniless.

The divorce has since been finalized, but litigation between the estranged couple is still ongoing. Later, Meredith Trevena accused her ex-husband of domestic abuse. He was arrested on March 11. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the woman accused Trevena of shoving her to the ground and kicking her in the groin area. Cellphone video of part of the altercation shows Trevena shoving his former wife. 

Last month, Meredith Trevena, now going by Meredith Recio, allegedly broke into Trevena’s law office and stole a blank check and a gun. Recio posted bond and was released, but was rearrested this week for tampering with her monitoring device. 

In another legal case, Trevena’s neighbor at his Clearwater Beach penthouse condo is suing him over disruptions at her residence. In that suit, the neighbor claims she hears noises that “sound like acts of domestic violence” coming from Trevena’s unit and that she can smell “foul-smelling and sickening odors,” allegedly suspected to be from methamphetamine. 

Trevena also filed a stalking complaint about a former employee accusing her of stealing, writing checks from his law firm’s account and getting his wife addicted to drugs, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Deena Covell, the former employee, is the sister-in-law of fired WTSP anchor Reginald Roundtree. Roundtree was fired after he gained exclusive access to an in-jail interview with Drejka through his close friendship with Trevena, though Roundtree claims he was fired as retaliation for filing an age discrimination complaint with the company.

Roundtree reportedly asked Trevena to hire Covell.

His firing and involvement with Trevena were widely reported in Tampa Bay media. 

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