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Gulfstream Park Safety Equipment Program Distributes More Than 200 Vouchers

The Gulfstream Park Safety Equipment Program, an initiative of the FTHA and 1S/T RACING, has distributed more than 200 vouchers for helmets and safety vests for the exercise riders at Gulfstream Park and Palm Meadows. The purpose of the program is to ensure that the exercise riders have protective equipment that meets the safety standards set by the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, subsidizing the cost to replace substandard equipment.

“Galloping racehorses can be dangerous business, and it’s vital that our exercise riders have the best possible equipment to protect them,” FTHA President Joe Orseno said. “But top quality helmets and vests are expensive. The FTHA is pleased to partner with 1S/T RACING to offset the cost for our riders.”

He added, “Many thanks to Kimberly Martinez at our FTHA Office at Gulfstream and to Stephanie Vaz at the 1S/T RACING Office at Palm Meadows for helping to make the program a success.”

Exercise riders and pony people working full time at Gulfstream Park or Palm Meadows are eligible for the program, and can stop by the FTHA Office at Gulfstream Park or the Administrative Office at Palm Meadows to pick up the vouchers. When requesting a voucher, riders must present their badges, and they must bring the equipment to the office, where it will be inspected to determine if it needs to be replaced. Once approved, the rider can take the voucher to the Jockey Tack Tack Shop at Gulfstream or Sunrise Tack Shop at Palm Meadows to purchase new equipment. Riders will be responsible for paying any additional cost not covered by the voucher.

Photos courtesy of FTHA’s Kimberly Martinez and Coglianese Photos’ Ryan Thompson.