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Gulfstream Horsemen’s Meeting Summary Notes Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kathy Davey, FHBPA Secretary
Next meeting: Thursday, October 24.
Approximately 28 people were in attendance at today’s meeting.
Horsemen’s Backstretch Committee meets every other Thursday; the members are: Leo Azpura, Joe Calascibetta, Phil Combest, Greg Griffiths, Barry Rose, Peter Walder.  Bring your concerns to them and they will meet with Tim for further discussion and action.
The new barns on the south end of the racetrack are scheduled to be completed on November 1.  Horse paths to the track will be rolled and 8″ of screened sand will be added.  Diagrams showing the finished barns, outbuildings, horse paths and gaps will be made available shortly.
The additional (solar) lights for the racetrack should arrive in 4 weeks.
The Pegasus project has begun in the northwest corner of the parking lot.  This will be a gigantic bronze horse statue that will have a museum in its base.  Because of this, it is estimated that 1,000 additional parking spaces will be needed during big weekends at the coming winter meet.  Management is looking into renting lots off-site and providing shuttles to the track throughout the day.
Stall Applications are due October 12th. Trainers are reminded that even if you are stabled here currently, you still need to submit a stall app for the winter meet.
Chaplain Tom announced that the medical clinic will open in January.
There will be no turf races October 19, 20, 26, & 27 so that the turf course can undergo renovation for the last two weeks of October.
Regarding the head-to-head racing issue, nothing definitive can be reported at this time; however, they are making headway on the national issues that are in the way of resolution.
All are encouraged to pick up rocks on the horse paths and throw them away.  There was discussion that sand needs to be added too,  and this will help to eliminate much of the standing water on the paths after it rains.
Water Use in the barn area: Trainers are reminded that water should be used much more wisely; water should not be left on in overflowing buckets and tubs; nozzles should always be used on hoses; workers should clean the areas around barns with push brooms, instead of hosing which uses too much water and actually clogs the drains.  More effective policing and fines should be expected.
Phil Combest discussed the upcoming very important Florida Senate Gaming Committee public hearings that are coming up around the state on gambling.  The one closest to us will be in Coconut Creek on Wednesday, October 23rd.  Everyone is urged to attend and please encourage others to attend this very critical meeting.  We are hoping to have 250 people attend; busses will be provided for backside workers. Encourage trainers, blacksmiths, vets, feed company reps, tack shop owners and any other related parties to attend as well. Please stay tuned for further information or contact the FHBPA office.
At the end of the meeting, there was a short presentation by representatives from CytoWave Technology (561-843-7346) about their research/field study for treating equine injuries, specifically tendon injuries, using electromagnetic signal stimulation to speed up proper healing. Contact them if you have a candidate to participate.