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Gulfstream Horsemen’s Meeting Summary Notes–February 6, 2014

Meeting led by P.J. Campo ~ 22 attendees
Update on South Florida Racing.  No deal yet.  Talks continue on both the local and corporate levels.
Track/barn/stall Issues:

  • Color of “Loose horse” warning lights will be changed to “Red.”
  • Two-year-olds will be allowed in after trainers talk with PJ and there is room in your allotments. Hard and Fast Rule: two-year-olds cannot go to the track until after the second break.
  • Stall apps for the “summer meet” will be available soon and will be due ~ March 8. Management is talking to “Northern” trainers to recruit more horses for the summer meet.  Palm Meadows will need 4-500 horses on the grounds to make sense to keep it open.
  • Current race date plans for the summer meet are: racing 3 x per week for the first two weeks of April; 2 x per week through June 30; 4 x week from July 1 through November. This is the worst case scenario and race dates could increase if and when there is a deal with Calder.
  • Claimed horses will be “out of jail” after April 27th.
  • When the current meet is finished the finish line and the mirror will be placed closer together.
  • Additional lighting for the track has been ordered. Recall that these solar lights are special ordered and will take a while.
  • TV Cable will be available in the dorms within a week or two.

Barns 21 and 22:

  • Work is nearly finished for “on” and “off” chutes for barns 21 and 22.
  • A viewing stand is being built and should be up in 2 weeks; Ice machines are now available at the end of each barn.
  • More sand is being brought in to deal with wet areas. Mosquitoes are being sprayed for on a regular basis.
  • Concern about lack of adequate lighting at the Aventura exit to 203rd St. Issue is being looked into.

Chaplain Tom’s notes:

  • Barbeque will be on March 17th. Remember that all donations are welcome.
  • A Bus Shuttle is now available to go back and forth to the barn areas and the race track.