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GP/FHBPA Announce New Expanded Voiding a Claim Rule

The FHBPA Board of Directors approved an amended Voiding a Claim Rule at Gulfstream Park and Gulfstream Park West beginning with races on Thursday April 18, 2019. The previous rule involved fatalities on the track and horses that were vanned off. The new expanded rule allows a successful claimant to request the voiding of a claim within 24 hours if the horse suffered a significant or career ending injury as determined by a panel of three veterinarians. A new Shock Wave Rule has also been instituted at GP and GPW. Here are the new rules which are on the overnights and will be published in the next condition book:
In the event that a horse suffers a fatality during the running of a race, or is euthanized on the racetrack following the race, any claim submitted on that horse will be declared void. In the event a claimed horse is vanned off the racetrack following the race (discretion of the Track Veterinarian) that horse will be taken to the test or receiving barn. The successful claimant or trainer may request the claim be voided by the Stewards within one (1) hour of the official off time of the race, except that the claim may not be declared void if the horse is vanned off the track due to an issue that is non-related to lameness as determined by the Track Veterinarian. In the event the claim is voided, the horse will be returned to the custody of the original owner.
If within 24 hours of the official off time of the race, a claimed horse has been found to have a significant or career ending injury as a result of the race claimed from, the successful claimant or trainer may request via the stewards to have the claim voided. A panel of three veterinarians commissioned by Gulfstream Park management including the track veterinarian and attending veterinarian will determine if the claim shall be voided for significant or career ending injury.   Contact Steve DiMauro, Steward, at, 954-802-4180; Dr. Patti Marquis, Track Veterinarian, at, 305-206-7034; or Chris Camac, Racing Secretary, at, 954-457-6239.
(new language in bold)
Horse may not race or have a recorded work for a minimum of ten (10) days after receiving shock wave treatment. Day one is considered the 1st day following the date of treatment.