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Present:  John Marshall, Mike Anifantis, Kent Stirling, Phil Combest, Barry Rose, Gene Stevens, Larry Pilotti, Larry Bates, Kathy Davey, Dave Fawkes, Bill White.
Opening Weekend
Handle  The opening weekend went well.  Saturday’s on-track numbers were up 1% over the prior year period, with in-state simulcasting up 34% and out-of state down slightly; Sunday’s on-track down 5%, in-state down 6%, and out-of-state up 16%; all handle combined was up 7% for the weekend.
There  were some simulcasting signal issues which resulted in Calder’s signal being blocked to some key simulcasting sights; otherwise the weekend’s results would have been even higher.  These issues were researched, negotiated, and resolved.
Marketing and promotions of Calder racing have been increased and it is hoped  this will continue to bring in patrons and increase on-track handle. TV ads for Calder Race Course will run on NBC during the special broadcast of Keeneland’s Blue Grass Stakes on April 13th.  They will try to run promotions especially when stakes races are on the race card.  For example, next Saturday there will be a foot race featuring local news/sportscasters; also, this year’s Hall of Fame inductees will be presented and highlighted with a special program at the track.
Racing Issues
Eligibility rules include a provision that a horse that is a winner and has started for less than $5,000 must finish 4th or better for $5,000 or more to re-establish eligibility.  This provision was discussed and it was decided that there will be further discussion on the matter for possible revision.
The rule regarding naming jockeys on horses was discussed.  If a trainer names a jockey on a horse and then loses that jockey to another horse at the draw and an apprentice rider takes over for a journeyman rider, the apprentice weight allowance is lost. The allowance of the replacement jockey will only be allowed if the apprentice replaces another apprentice of the same or higher allowance, or s/he is named as back-up at the time of entry.
The Training Track surface had some uneven areas after the first hard rain; the track superintendent has addressed these problem areas, and all agreed the surface is in good shape and holding up well.
The Turf Course has been readied for the new season by eliminating weeds and damaging grasses (Kikuyu Grass and Goose Grass) and filling in the entire course with 419 Bermuda Grass.
Upkeep, Repairs, Maintenance, Safety, etc.
Recently an experiment to eradicate rats was conducted in the barn area.  Since it was quite effective, bids are being collected to run the program in all the barns in the very near future.
Ambulance -When injuries occur that require the on-track ambulance or “Mule” to become involved and a call is made to an outside ambulance for transport, concerns were raised that the response time is too long. Management will look into the issue in general, and also report back on the specific incident that was discussed.
Concerns remain about the debris and overflowing trash bins by the kitchen in front of the training track. This will be addressed in the following ways: a new larger dumpster (8 yards) will replace the current 6 yard dumpster; trash will be picked up 3 times per week instead of twice a week as it is currently; and a new recycling system will be put in place to improve ways that recycled materials are collected and removed.
Another area of concern at the training track is that mud, trash, and standing water collects and builds up along the rail, which causes bugs to breed and presents a very poor image of this race track. [ This last issue has subsequently been addressed. Much better. Yea team! ]