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Present: Mike Anifantis, Larry Bates, Joe Calascibetta, Phil Combest, Kathy Davey, Dr. Patty Marquis, John Marshall, Larry Pilotti, Richard Root, Barry Rose, Gene Stevens, Kent Stirling
Glass Bottles – Glass beverage containers, many of them broken, have been littered around the backside area lately. Besides the fact that littering is “not okay,” this glass can cause serious injury, especially to horses’ unprotected feet.  Beginning with Condition Book 3, it will be noted in the rules that glass beverage containers will no longer be allowed on the racetrack backside.
Main Track
* There has been ongoing discussion about the uneven depth of the racetrack at and near the quarter pole; it’s believed to be partially caused by the repeated turning of the tractors in that area. Drivers have been instructed to lift the harrows when making those turns until they make their final pass.
* There is a section of damaged fencing where the 7 furlong chute meets the outside rail of the main track.  This presents a safety hazard and will be repaired as soon as possible.
* Galloping on the rail is a serious safety issue, especially galloping in groups on the rail.  Outriders have been instructed to give warnings and turn names in to the Assistant Racing Secretary; fines will be levied.
Manure Bins have now been made available at every barn.  It’s been decided to move those for barns #1 – 60 to the road side until the outside wall in the existing manure pits can be taken down after the meet; it‘s safer that they be further away from both the wash racks and the walkers.  Calder is working to solve the congestion brought about by the bins on the 70’s road.  Various ramps are being tested to make emptying wheel barrows easier.  Any suggestions as this procedure is being implemented are welcome.
Street Light on the perimeter road at barns 10/20 on the turnpike side is out again.  FP&L will be contacted to repair it (again).  Riders and drivers should be extra careful at this horse crossing as visibility is very poor before sun up.
Laundry – A request will be made to include an item in the 2013 budget for funds for a laundry/vending area to be placed on the backside.
Financial Update – Purse revenue for the first week of the Tropical meet was down 13.8% compared to the comparable week in 2011.
Slots/Poker – September slots revenue is up slightly when compared to July and August; Poker revenue is down.
House Rules – Spurs with rowels or sharpened ends will not be allowed to be used on any horses at Calder Race Course.
Ponies – There is concern about the appearance and condition of some lead ponies working both in the mornings and afternoons.  The state veterinarian and the FHBPA Pony Committee will meet to discuss further and make recommendations.
Training Track – Reflective tape will be added to the gates at the road.
Paddock – Sand was recently added to the center walkway of the outside paddock to improve the uneven and sometimes slippery conditions.  The possibility was discussed to add sand to the entire perimeter walkway.  Other more permanent solutions are being considered for the future.
Calder Mailing Address – When Condition Book 3 comes out, the official mailing address will no longer be P. O. Box 1808.  Calder will begin to use the physical address as the mailing address:  21001 NW 27the Avenue; Miami Gardens, FL  33056