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FHBPA/CALDER RACE COURSE Meeting August 2, 2013

Kathy Davey
Present:  Calder – John Marshall, Mike Anifantis;
FHBPA – Kent Stirling, Phil Combest, Barry Rose, Larry Bates, Kathy Davey, Gene Stevens; Guest – Milt Wolfson.
John suggested that a small committee of owners and trainers based at Calder be present at future Friday meetings, since some of the current Friday meeting FHBPA participants are now stabled at Gulfstream. This will be discussed further by the board.
John discussed several initiatives designed to help with training costs and to show appreciation for trainers staying at Calder.  Finish Line Feed has been chosen as the exclusive provider of shavings to Calder barns at a fixed price of $2.25 per 10 cubic feet of shavings.  This is equilvalent to the current rate of $400/load.  The contract is in the works and will be signed within the next few weeks.  He is investigating similar pricing plans for feed and some veterinary medications.
Calder is committed to running 3 days per week through June of 2014.  Talks are continuing at the corporate level between the two tracks to attempt to solve the head-to-head racing difficulties.
Mike Anifantis is reviewing a half dozen or so trainers (10-20 horses each) who have applied for stalls at Calder (from Lone Star, Charlestown, Iadescernia’s Training Center, and Gulfstream). A question was raised that if purses were raised, that would bring in more horses.  The answer was if the number of days Calder has to run per year were reduced, then the purses might go up.
There is a possibility that the ponies will return to Calder from the training center.