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FHBPA/Calder Meeting May 17, 2013

Present:  Calder – John Marshall, Mike Anifantis, Jason Stoess;
FHBPA – Kent Stirling, Phil Combest, Barry Rose, Larry Pilotti, Kathy Davey, Dave Fawkes, Bill White, Gene Stevens, Tom Cannell, Teresa Palmer
Update from John Marshall
An all-day meeting took place this week in Maryland between representatives from Calder and Gulfstream.  Details from the meeting were not disclosed, but John shared that the meeting “…went very well.”   He believes the meeting was not at all combative, and both sides have the intention to do what’s good for South Florida racing in general “…where maybe everyone can get what they want.”
Other issues, where Tampa and Gulfstream have positioned themselves to take a significant chunk of simulcast and rebroadcasting dollars, are more problematic. John referred to them as “toxic problems” to purses at Calder.  Calder believes that since they are the only track racing live, they should be able to act as “host track” and sell the simulcast signal as in the past.  The Florida Division of Pari-mutual Racing, which has jurisdiction in these matters, has yet to rule on this issue.
Simulcasting revenue for the first (partial) week impacted by Calder losing the ability to host the signal was down 56%, and Calder’s Director of Accounting, Jason Stoess, estimates that full weeks will likely be impacted 70-80%.  Up until these issues impacted us negatively, it was noted that “all-sources handle” was quite good compared to the same period last year.
Racing Issues
The was brought up.  The rule was changed last month to: No caulks, raised toes, mud nails or bent shoes.  Only flat, queen’s plate and factory wedge will be allowed. Racing Surfaces Director, Milton Figueroa, will be invited to the next meeting to answer questions and concerns, and discuss the new rule with the group.
Upkeep, Repairs, Maintenance, Safety, etc.
A company has been chosen to take care of rat infestation on the back side. A starting date has not yet been set.
The sudden increase in the fly population was discussed.
Ground water testing shows that water quality has improved significantly since the new manure removal program went into effect.