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FHBPA Open Meeting April 10, 2013

April 18, 2013
Good news is that it looks like we might prevail against the Barrel racing people.
We extended the Calder contract through the end of the month.
Four Race days a week at Calder through June 30.
No Mondays and Tuesdays at Gulfstream except one day, either June 25 or June 30.  This has to do with rebroadcasting.
We must stick together regarding stopping Tampa Bay Downs rebroadcasting rights simply by using a one day loophole in the state statutes.
Churchill Downs makes about 70 million dollars during Kentucky Derby week.
Starting July 1 – Calder three days a week year round.
Tim Ritvo will allow trainers who stable at Gulfstream in the summer to remain in Gulfstream stalls during the winter meet.  Gulfstream will send their northern trainers who come here for the winter to Palm Meadows.
Ritvo is trying to pay three quarters of worker’s comp.  Nothing definite yet but he is continuing to work on it.
Gulfstream continues planning its huge renovation featuring a statue of Pegasus in the shopping area at the cost of 30 million dollars.
If offered enough, the thing is that Churchill will sell or lease its backside rather than race against Gulfstream.
230 days has to be run in South Florida annually.
Calder’s track is the best to train on.  Question is can Gulfstream sustain year round training.
Plans to change and improve Gulfstream’s racing surfaces continue.
Bill White asked what we would do if Churchill doesn’t allow Calder based horsemen back if they run at Gulfstream.  Phil answered that we would have to call for a FHBPA board meeting, decide what to do about it. Then present it to the FHBPA members in an open meeting like the one taking place today and let them decide for themselves what they feel would be best in their own interests.