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FHBPA / Calder Race Course Meeting Summary Notes Friday, March 14, 2014

Kathy Davey, Secretary

  • Update on the Turf Course – Lab results indicate deficiencies in Nitrogen and Potassium in the samples. These deficiencies will be addressed.  Target date to reopen the turf course is April 19, which is the date of the Miami Mile.
  • The NTRA accreditation is on track. A new area they are looking at is finding a way to report morning equine injuries. They are considering having the horse ambulance driver keep an anonymous log for the purpose of keeping statistical data (no names of horses, barns, or trainers to be used).

Calder has reopened the training track.  Tuesdays through Saturdays from 5 – 8 am.  Some trainers are concerned that on days when the training track is closed they are unable to get all their horses to the main track since it doesn’t open until 5:30 am.  Management is considering opening the main track at 5:00 am on those two days.
Fines have been put into effect for not removing manure and/or trash from the grounds in the barn area.  The Board asked that initially a written warning be presented before a fine, which Mr. Marshall agreed to.
Management plans to power wash all barn roofs.  Trainers will be notified to move their horses to a designated barn for 1/2 day.  Webbings and/or stall gates will be provided.
A Stakes Committee will be formed and will meet soon to decide on a stakes schedule for July through December.  Calder agreed in the recent contract extension to reduce the stakes purses and/or number of stakes during that period so that more money can go to overnight purses.

  • The hedge, between the gap and the turn at the entrance to the paddock, has been removed. Management is looking for feedback on whether or not to replace it or put something else there.  Also, new hitching posts will be added on the horse path under the trees for the lead ponies.
  • Pads on the main track starting gate will be replaced.
  • Main Track surface depth logs have been recorded monthly in the past; they will taken on a weekly basis moving forward.
  • The FHBPA has been asked by the Jockey Club to attend a meeting to review a list of medications.
  • Calder management is in favor of having the U. of Florida medication lab used by the tracks in the state of Florida, become accredited by the RMTC. It is recommended by the NTRA.
  • The Poker Room has moved to a space in the Casino, and the former poker room space is now “Club Elite,” which is a nicely-appointed simulcasting room. “Elite” members will have free admission; general members will pay a $5.00 admission fee, and non-member admission will be $10.00. Horsemen with current badges will have free admission.