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FHBPA / Calder Race Course Meeting Summary Notes Friday, August 23, 2013

Present:  Calder – John Marshall, Mike Anifantis, Dr. Helena Carroll FHBPA – Kent Stirling, Phil Combest, Barry Rose, Larry Bates, Bill White, Ron Pellegrini, Gene Stevens, Juan Arias, and Kathy Davey.
A 6 month contract has been signed with Finish Line Feed to be the exclusive provider of shavings to Calder barns at a fixed price of  $400/load; beginning September 1.
Recertification in NTRA’s Safety and Integrity Alliance is due in October. Several meetings will be held with various constituents in the meantime to prepare.  Calder pays $15,000 every two years to go through this re-certification process.
Discussions are on-going between Churchill Downs and Stronach Group representatives toward solving head-to-head racing issues between Gulfstream and Calder.
The downward trend in handle is still a huge concern.  Total wagering is down 18%.  However, Calder is making a big effort to hold off on adjusting purses as long as possible.  We are still hopeful that the state ruling allowing Tampa Bay Downs to act as a host track, will be overturned. According to the state’s own directive, this is supposed to be decided before the end of August.
A fair amount of advertising went into this weekend’s Juvenile Showcase, including banner ads in both the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel, direct mail pieces, and email blasts.
Beginning September 1, the training track will be open every day between 5:00 am – 7:30 am.
Management is looking into delaying manure cart pick-up until after training hours.  Also, they are planning to begin taking down manure pit walls.  A test removal at one of the empty barns is planned to see how it goes.
General suggestions from those in attendance included re-painting the speed bumps (they’ve become too difficult to see in the dark), and providing ramps for the manure carts.
The opening of Hialeah’s casino on August 14 had no impact in it’s first three days; since this past weekend, Calder has seen a slight decrease in total revenues, but feels this is due to Hialeah offering promotions.  Over time, the impact will be minimal.