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FHBPA Announces 2016-2017 Academic Scholarship Recipients

The FHBPA has instituted a re-vamped college scholarship program for the 2016-2017 academic year.  The scholarship awards are need-based and open to all backstretch workers and their sons and daughters.  In this kickoff year, the awards totaled $30,000.00.
The recipients are all fine, deserving students attending a wide range of colleges as indicated below.  Their fields of study range from Accounting and Archaeology to Veterinary Science and Pre-Med.
This year’s recipients and his/her college are listed below:
Carolynn Catanese – Florida Gulf Coast University
K-Ann Charoo – Broward College
K-Cee Charoo – Broward College
Mary Hennessy – Florida State University
Teig Hennessy – Duke University
Keniel Jackson – College of Agriculture and Science, Jamaica
Mattie Martin – Broward College
Chance Pompay – Boston University
Mireya Vargas-Contreras – University of South Carolina
Kelsey White – Florida Gulf Coast University
Thomas White – Florida Gulf Coast University
The FHBPA is proud to assist these terrific, goal-oriented students as they make their way toward achieving their dreams.  And in the not too far distant future, when you need a doctor or an accountant or even an archaeologist, you’ll know where to look!
Keep up the good work, guys!!