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Horseplayers everywhere have been quietly cashing a lot of winning tickets thanks to the great and powerful Swami. The Swami’s numbers speak for themselves. His top choice is hitting at 43%. Last weekend boxing the Swami’s picks you would have hit 12 exactas and 6 trifectas.

The Swami’s place of birth TO-BET

Although we have never actually seen the Swami, he did agree to a telepathic interview. For the first time ever, he reveals the magic of his handicapping prowess.
Oh great and marvelous Swami thank you for granting this interview. Please tell us, where were you born and just how old are you?
You are very welcome. The Swami was born many seasons ago, high in the mountains in a village known as TO-BET.
Here in TO-BET we do not judge age in years, but simply enjoy the sunrise, meaning another day is at hand.
How did you become involved in handicapping?
One might say, handicapping is in my blood. As a young man I was introduced to life in the temple when I heard the monks begin to chant the wonderful affirmations of AAAHHHDS – AAAHHHDS.
It was the law of attraction at work, the universe was telling me to focus on odds and horses, which would become my true and only calling.
Can you reveal some of your techniques for picking all those winners?
The Swami’s handicapping set up

In this instance I must remain in silence much like the grass bending in the wind. The vow I made to my forefathers to hold this sacred will be respected.What I can tell you is that our techniques require what is known as a DRF. Some may refer to it as a Daily Racing Form. I also require two hairpins, a spinning wheel, a pair of dice, a blindfold and a deck of cards with jokers. At times I will also require half a chicken, sometimes while I’m handicapping I get hungry.
Is meditation part of your routine?
Yes I take meditation with food two times a day.
Do you require a special diet to increase your powers of divination?
Indeed. I demand oats, hay, light beer, mints, carrots and apples.
Do you do any special yoga poses or breathing techniques before picking the horses?
This is a question many have asked, and my answer is always the same. It’s a good idea to breathe all day, or your spiritual gateway to winners will be blocked.
In the event you are not breathing it will negatively affect your pose.
If one of our readers wanted to pick winners like the Swami, what would you suggest?
One of the Swami’s students channeling¬† winners

Yes, yes…wait I’m going into a trance…yeeesssss…I’m channeling the great Man O’War. What’s that? Yes indeed. His wisdom is profound. He says this:
“Soon realize, you are what you bet. In order to attract many winners always refer to the Swami’s selections on the FHBPA website.”
If you could leave us with one thought what would it be?