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Democrats decry Donald Trump’s ‘broken economic promises’ to Florida

Florida economic numbers by many measures are sound. From reserve levels to the unemployment rate, material abounds for buoyant GOP news releases.

However, the Democratic National Committee frames the economic narrative differently.

A report released Tuesday spotlights problems with Florida’s economy, laying the blame for “broken economic promises” at the feet of President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump’s broken promises on the economy is a major weakness for his campaign in Florida. His health care agenda spikes costs and guts coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions, while his tax scam is only helping corporations and the wealthiest few at the expense of working families,” the memo charges.

Citing polling that shows people feeling like the Trump economy is leaving them behind, Democrats believe the President has “major economic vulnerabilities for Trump in Florida — including how he told Floridians he would lower their taxes ‘big league’ despite the fact his tax scam would actually raise taxes on hardworking Floridians and how his plan to allow near-shore drilling would negatively damage Florida’s environment and economy.”

Democrats are engaging with a Florida specific message here with good reason. The President is already targeting the state.

President Trump began his reelection campaign in the Sunshine State, a continuation of the work he did in Florida last year during the stretch run before the general election. His pull was demonstrated when just one Democratic candidate won statewide.

The Democratic argument: that the tax cuts earlier in the President’s term favored corporate interests over the working class, with companies cashing out rather than investing in workers.

As well, the President’s “refusal to take offshore drilling off the table” is another broken promise, with Democrats contending the President’s policy was clearly outlined in a campaign rally statement.

“You know what we want? You know what we want? We want really beautiful clean air, right? We want really crystal, crystal clean water and we want safety.”

Democrats also believe that the President is vulnerable for opposing the Affordable Care Act.

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