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December Groom of the Month

The FHBPA Groom of the Month for December, Milton Hernandez, comes from the barn of Jason Servis at the Palm Meadows Training Center. Hernandez has been working horses for 8 years and has spent the last 5 working with the Servis barn. The 25 year old is single, but jokingly said he’s “looking.”

Milton Hernandez with World of Trouble

Here is a look back at all of the 2018 recipients of this award:
Jan.         Jose Quevedo        (Jorge Navarro)
Feb.         Walter Meza           (David Fawkes)
Mar.         Wilfido Garcia         (Joe Orseno)
Apr.          Richard Gonzalez  (Oscar Gonzalez)
May         Jose Arcon              (Todd Pletcher)
June        Roberto Calvo         (Marcus Vitali)
July         Jose Martinez          (Yvon Belsour)
Aug.        Jose Hernandez      (Larry Pilotti)
Sept.       Nicolas Francisco    (Jennifer Hayford-Quiñonez)
Oct.         Angel Morales        (Jerry Bozzo) Calder
Nov.        Antonio Smith         (Juan Arias) Calder
Dec.        Milton Hernandez   (Jason Servis)