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December Groom of the Month and Annual Recap

The FHBPA Groom of the Month for January is Roberto Calvo from the barn of Kathy Mongeon. Roberto was honored in a winner’s circle presentation on January 28th.

The FHBPA Groom of the Month for December 2019 was Pedro Parro from the barn of Steve Dwoskin.

As we begin the awards for 2020, let’s take a moment to look back and salute the class of 2019.

  • January            Merida Alvarez (Ron Spatz)
  • February          Eduardo Diaz (Saffie Joseph Jr.)
  • March              Gilmer Quinteros (Peter Walder)
  • April                 Carlos Orantes (Chuck Simon)
  • May                  Eddie Gonzales (Elizabeth Dobles)
  • June                  Everardo Parra Barcenas (Gilberto Zerpa)
  • July                   Mario Andres (Jose Garafalo)
  • Aug                   Salvador Cortez (Victor Barboza)
  • September      Javier Perez (Carlo Vaccarezza)
  • December       Pedro Parro (Steve Dwoskin)

All trainers are urged to stop by the FHBPA and submit entries for consideration as we go through 2020. We all know the importance of good barn help and so we encourage you to nominate your best.