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Claro Quizada, Groom of the Month, September, 2021

Claro Quizada has been named the Florida HBPA’s Groom of the Month for September, 2021. Quizada has been a member of the team at Joe Catanese’s barn for nearly half the span of Catanese’s training career.

“I’ve been training for 40 years,” Catanese said. “Back when I was doing everything myself, Claro and his wife worked for another trainer on the backside of the barn. I always told them, ‘Someday you’ll come work for me.’ He’s been working for me for 17 years now.”

After so many years, Quizada has become more than just a member of the crew to his boss.

“His whole family has worked for me – his brothers, he and his wife, his nephew,” Catanese said. “We’re family, and racing is our life. If I ever hit Powerball, I’d buy him a big home in Hollywood.”

Why is Quizada deserving of recognition?

“He gets here at 4 a.m. every morning, like clockwork, and he just knows what to do,” Catanese said. “Whatever you need, he’s there to give you a hand. He is knowledgeable, and he has a great temperament for working with the horses, he’s very kind. He’s very quiet, very humble, and a family man for sure.

“He is more than worthy of this award.”

As we do every month, the FHBPA encourages all trainers to nominate individuals from their respective barns for future Groom of the Month consideration. Stop by the FHBPA Office to nominate someone from your team today!