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Chaplain LaPointe’s “New” Van

Chaplain's New VanChaplain LaPointe’s “New” Van
Chaplain Tom LaPointe of His Place Ministries which has served South Florida horsemen and their tracks for over 20 years realized that his 2003 Ford van with over 170,000 on the odometer was on its last legs as a service vehicle, so he came to the FHBPA looking for help in securing a newer van, as the FHBPA had helped him purchase his van ten years ago.
Tom and his assistant Chaplains use this vehicle to pick up food donations from the Food Bank , Whole Foods, the 7-11 ware house, and the BB&T sports arena. This food is distributed among those on the backside and among those in track maintenance. He also uses the van for special events like trips for those who work on the backside and their children to places like the beach, the zoo, Rapids Waterpark and countless drift fishing trips.
The “new” van, pictured with Chaplain LaPointe, is a 2014 Ford that seats 15 and only has 18,000 miles on the odometer. The FHBPA got together with Gulfstream Park and they split most of the cost of this vehicle. The Chaplain said, “I am most appreciative of the financial assistance, I received from the FHBPA and Gulfstream towards buying this van. This van permits me to do things I couldn’t do with the old van while never having to fear that our van would break down again. Whenever I need help with anything, the FHBPA is always there for me.”
Below is Chaplain LaPoint’s letter.Letter to FHBPA Van