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Calder/FHBPA Horsemen’s Meeting August 9, 2013

Present/Calder:       Ron Peligrini, John Marshall, Mike Anifantis
Present/FHBPA:      Phil Combest, Barry Rose, Gene Stevens, Kent Stirling, Juan Arias
Austin Miller promoted to CDI Gaming head and will remain at Calder until at least November.
Path to the swimming pool next door was found to be rocky, we asked Marshall to see what could do to have it cleaned up.
Calder is cleaning the barns for the new horsemen who will be moving in from the 70’s – will be using 1-60.
Now have 904 horses.
Moving of horse manure task force being considered by Calder, working with grooms, etc.
Some trainers who went to Gulfstream and now would like to return to Calder.
Marshall’s position is to make it better for the Calder based horsemen who chose to remain loyal to Calder.
Calder says it is providing greater opportunities for diversification of races being written.
Both the Stronach group and CDI continue to discuss not running head to head against each other.
Calder in process of looking to sign an exclusive contract with Finish Line feeds for shavings at $400 per load cap.
Calder will continue the existing Maiden Special Program beyond 30 races – special supplement temporarily.  FHBPA & FTBOA & Calder have agreed.
Calder still reviewing and considering new participant horsemen to be allowed to stable at Calder when they come from out of town.