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Calder Stabling/Shipping Guidelines 7/4/13

After meeting with Calder management on July 3, there are four ways Calder will consider allowing a horse to race at Gulfstream and then allow them to return to their stall at Calder.  All require advance permission of Mike Anifantis.  All will be considered on a case by case basis.
1)       If a race in the Calder Condition Book does not go and is brought back as an extra race and does not go, then that trainer can ask Mike Anifantis for permission to enter a similar race at Gulfstream and return.
2)       If there is no race in the Calder Condition Book, but if that race is in the Gulfstream Park Condition Book the trainer may ask Mike Anifantis for permission to race the horse at Gulfstream Park and return the horse to Calder.
3)       Each owner may be permitted to make one start at Gulfstream Park qualifying that owner to   become eligible to claim a horse at Gulfstream and bring the horse back to stable at Calder.  Any horses claimed at Gulfstream with the intention to race at Calder may be vanned to Calder after obtaining approval from Calder’s Racing Office.
4)       If a horse stabled at Calder is racing in a Stakes Race at Gulfstream Park.
Further, if a trainer stabled at Calder runs a horse at Gulfstream without prior permission, that horse may not return to Calder.  However, said trainer’s other horses are not required to ship out from Calder because of it.
Bottom line is, if a trainer is granted stalls at Calder and puts horses in those stalls, those horses must race at Calder unless Mike Anifantis gives you permission to ship over to race at Gulfstream and return to Calder.
If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Kent Stirling at the FHBPA office.