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Calder Meeting September 13, 2013

Kathy Davey, Secretary
Present:  Calder – John Marshall, Sean Perl, Dr. Helena Carroll FHBPA – Kent Stirling, Phil Combest, Barry Rose, Bill White, Gene Stevens, Ron Pellegrini, Phil Arnold, and Kathy Davey.
A new slate of races will be developed for Calder on November 9, to replace the Florida Millions series.  Calder will attempt to come up with a card that attracts horses that are unlikely to be participating in the Sunshine Millions Prep races scheduled to run at Gulfstream that day.
Calder management reports that there have been no significant talks between the two sides to solve the head-to-head racing debacle, and acknowledges that this causes deep frustrations to all affected.
Moving forward, Calder management continues to look at the issue of trainers running their horses at Gulfstream, even though permission to return has been granted by the racing secretary.  Trainers present at the meeting were equally concerned that most owners will see this as yet another negative aspect of keeping their horses at Calder.  In other words, if Calder further restricts “access,” trainers will lose horses if they stay here.
Bulk shavings are now available through a contract with Finish Line Feed.  For smaller barns only, bagged shavings are available from the same company.
It was reported at the last meeting that manure removal would not begin until after 10:00 am, but it is still happening before 10:00 am.  John will investigate.  Trainers are encouraged to tell all grooms to use the wagons only, not the pits. A test removal of the concrete walls for the manure pits at one of the empty barns is still planned to see how it goes.
Dr. Helena reports that many trainers are not providing someone to be present for the pre-race check of horses on race day.  This is not acceptable.  A notice will appear on the overnight and announcements will be made over the P A.  Dr. Helena also reports that when a horse is gelded it must be reported to the racing office.  Otherwise, fines will be issued.