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Backside Doings

October 1, 2012
Chaplain Tom LaPointe and his Assistant Chaplain, Alberto Grimaldi, have been busy as usual keeping those who live and work on the backside entertained.  During the Calder meet , Chaplain Tom and his  His Place Ministry volunteers have put on several barbeques sponsored by the FHBPA.  Tom also gives out 700 pounds of sandwiches on the backside each week that he gets from the Food Bank.
Recently Tom created a basketball court in one of the backside parking lots and held the first Calder Basketball Tournament that was won by the Calder Casino Security Staff. Second place went to the Guerreros’ Grooms team and third place went to the Calder Starting Gate Crew.
There currently is a soccer league in progress with five teams that play on the soccer field on the infield of the Training Track, and there always are pool tournaments played in the FHBPA Lounge.
Recently the FHBPA teamed with Calder to give out over 350 backpacks loaded with school supplies for Calder children headed back to school.